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Patient Testimonials


Fall asleep in a dental chair? Who does that? I did!

I recently went to Rocky Mountain Endodontics for an emergency root canal.  Dr. Jensen was so kind, gentle and very professional.  His assistant, and receptionist went out of their way to make me feel welcome and comfortable.  In fact, I was so comfortable and trusted Dr. Jensen and his staff so much that I actually fell asleep in the dental chair!  I was a bit nervous and in pain when I went into the office, but through their care and expertise, by the time I left everything was taken care of just as I needed.  Knock on wood, I won’t need another root canal, but if I do, Dr. James Jensen and Rocky Mountain Endodontics will be first on the list of who to call!

Amy Willett – a very satisfied and healed patient


What a great experience. I was in the chair for 2 1/2 hours Monday and 1 1/2 hours Tuesday. I felt so reassured and comfortable, I dozed off a few times when the bite block was put in my mouth. I wish I had pursued the treatment way before I did. My teeth were sore and infected for a long time. I am so glad I had it done. Dr. Jensen and his entire staff are outstanding.

Michael Waites


I appreciate the care received at your office. From the reception staff to the staff who worked on my teeth, I felt that everyone was very professional and that you all cared about me. Thank you, Savi Houldin

Savitree Houldin


Dr Jensen and his receptionist and dental nurse all listened to my concerns about what was involved and the limitations of my dental coverage – everything was explained so I could make an informed choice about my options and treatment – I felt I was never under pressure to make a decision in a hurry. Once a plan was agreed I was made to feel totally at ease and my endodontic experience was a breeze ! I would have no problem returning for any further treatment and would absolutely recommend Dr Jensen to everyone !

Nicky Ralph Herauf

Google Reviews

Thomas Martin
August 1, 2023.
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I had a root canal and a filling done. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. I’ve had a good amount of dental work done in the past (5 years of braces and a few other fillings) This was by far the best filling I’ve had done. Feels absolutely perfect when I bite down. As for the procedure, without anesthesia at one point I nearly fell asleep in the chair because of how comfortable I felt, while getting a root canal! Previous fillings I had felt a lot more pain and they didn’t feel like such a perfect fit when I bite down. I could really tell Dr. Jensen was taking his time at the end to make it perfect which I appreciated. I expected way worse and I don’t think I could have asked for anything better.
Kristin Santrau
April 19, 2023.
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Wonderful clinic and lovely relaxed staff. Dr.Jensen is very gentle and thorough. Do yourself a favor and head over there if you are looking for a great experience.
Boo Emma
February 1, 2023.
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Stellar- on all levels. If I could award more than five stars, I would in a heartbeat! Four years ago I had a situation that required a surgery to my gums and into the tooth area. It was frightening to say the least. Dr. Jensen performed that- really quite brilliantly. I was then impressed with him- as a person, as an employer ( as it was VERY evident that his team enjoyed working with him), and, importantly, as a professional who not only "knows his stuff" but is one who also knows how to work with people. He is calm, thorough, incredibly knowledgeable about his profession and obviously works at keeping " up to date" in endodontics. I was impressed. Being someone who really has experienced " old school" dentistry and has the eternal "trauma" which it has produced, I was distressed to learn that, yet again, I had a situation which required specialist care-- a pocket of liquid ( abscess) at the base of a calcified tooth ( one which has a crown). My regular dentist ( and he is a GOOD ONE, for sure!) advised me that he could try to hit the nerves in the two roots but it would be " hit and miss". So, when advised to seek specialist care, I at once opted for Dr Jensen. Again, I experienced the same expert and compassionate level of care from his staff. One of them told me that it was great working with/for him. That is such a high recommendation, in my opinion. Having been the owner of a couple of businesses and been a teacher in charge of a large department of people, professionals and assistants alike, I am very aware of the role which strong, caring leadership brings to a team. It is easy to "feel" a team that works together well and genuinely cares about each other. That feeling cannot be feigned. I was immediately put at ease again- by all. The oral surgery went well and I was calm- my anxiety put aside. I cannot say enough about the professional care and attention one receives with Dr Jensen. I, personally, would go to no other. And, I would recommend no other to anyone who asks me. Quite frankly- he is the best! He has created a welcoming, accepting and positive environment with this staff... AND, he has demonstrated excellence indeed in his profession. Kudos to him and the whole team at Rocky Mountain. I am pretty sure I will see you all again...and, you know... I am not afraid of that any longer. Thankyou... each of you!
Arlene Lammertsen
May 10, 2022.
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A first experience at Rocky Mountain Endodontics. Dr. Jensen was amazing! His attention to the need of the patient, detailed precision and professionalism was outstanding. Thank you Dr. Jensen I would highly recommend you to anyone needing dental care.
Brad Hemus
May 2, 2022.
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Dr. Jensen and team are very professional and provide great patient care. I had my first root canal and was pleased with how well the procedure went and with the results. Dr. Jensen's qualifications are extremely impressive!
Crystal Ferguson
March 11, 2022.
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Rocky Mountain Endodontics was amazing!! All staff right from walking through the door and being greeted to the assistants and Dr. Jensen. My 8 year old required a procedure and they were incredibly kind and gentle with him especially when he was a little nervous and even more kind to his extremely nervous mom!!! Thank you all! Highly Recommend!!
Shannon Rawluk
January 31, 2022.
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I am terrified of the dentist, so I was pretty much devastated when I found out I needed a root canal. Dr. Jensen was very patient and understanding of my fears, and was able to provide oral sedation to make the experience less stressful. The procedure itself was painless and went by quickly. I hope I never need another one but if I do I would come back here without hesitation.
Don Ponech
November 25, 2021.
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I had my second root canal treatment from Dr. Jensen and staff today. Dr. Jensen is a very gentle and caring dentist. Truly painless! I would highly recommend his services to anybody who is anxious about this type of dental treatment.
Bill Brandley
November 25, 2021.
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Dr. Jensen and his staff are professional, personable, and honest. My dentist was in the middle of a root canal and ran into complications and couldn’t finish, so he referred me to Dr. Jensen. They accommodated me and I got right in. Dr. Jensen finished the root canal without any problems. I just had a follow up and I received an honest assessment with the same level of service. I highly recommend Dr. Jensen and Rocky Mountain Endodontics.
Alan Klain
November 10, 2021.
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How I love friendly people and GREAT customer service! Dr. Jensen and his great team are a STELLAR example for all Lethbridge dental offices and businesses! I like the education Dr. Jensen provides and how he never gives you a feeling like he is in a rush to get to his next patient - even though I know he is very busy. The Assistants and support staff are also SO friendly and supportive. Well done team!
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